Rep. Stovall co-sponsors HB787 signed by Gov Deal in Law

I was honored to be a co-sponsor on the bipartisan HB 787 which provides more funding and resources to state charter schools. In Georgia all charters are public schools which parents choose to enrolled their children at no tuition cost. Since the allowance of state charters to be authorized, the amount of funding and readily access to resources hasn’t been on the same playing field as traditional public schools. Yet, state charters enroll students from the local communities and should not be treated differently. As a state our major goal should be ensuring quality and equitable education for each child so they become productive and responsible citizens. It should not matter whether they are educated in traditional public, nontraditional public charters, home schooling, or private. I stand in agreement that educational freedom should be a norm across the state. Click here to read HB 787

HB 217 signed in law by Gov. Deal providing an increase in the cap for donations towards scholarships to students attending private schools. More than 13,000 students are currently receiving privately funded scholarships thanks to the successful Georgia Tax Credit Scholarship program, and thousands more are expected to benefit.  Click here to read HB 217

Details on House Bill 787:

  • Creates greater equity in funding between public charter schools and traditional district schools
  • Increases per pupil funding for charter school students and provides capital funding
  • Charter schools can become members of Regional Education Service Agencies.

Details on House Bill 217:

  • Increases the program tax credit cap from $58 million to $100 million per year
  • Increases transparency by requiring Student Scholarship Organizations (SSOs) to report the students they serve in four income categories based on Free and Reduced Priced Lunch
  • Requires SSOs to report average scholarship amounts by income bracket
  • Reduces the amount of administrative allowance for SSOs, freeing up more money for scholarships

Gov Signs HB787 charter 05-07-18