HB 614 “Landon Dunson Act” passes General Assembly 2016

Rep. Stovall introduced House Bill 614, also known as the Landon Dunson Act, which passed the Georgia House of Representatives on Wednesday, February 24, 2016. The Landon Dunson Act would install video monitoring camera equipment in self-contained school classrooms that provide special education services as a safety measure. Participation from local schools would be voluntary and only with the consent of the parents of the children in the classroom, while access to the footage would be strictly limited to school administrators for educational and safety monitoring purposes. The Department of Education would have final approval of the local school’s that choose to opt-in to the program, but each individual school would be responsible for providing their own video monitoring equipment.

The Landon Dunson Act was originally proposed during the 2015 legislative session in response to concerns of alleged abuse in classrooms that provide special education services.

HB 614 is Rep. Stovall’s first general bill to pass both the House & Senate and is now headed to the Governor for his final signature.