Community Driven Transformation

It’s time for us to truly work together to develop community driven policies that take us into the future!


Transform Education Systems
  • Support state implementation of student centered funding
  • Update assessment innovation program for greater flexibility 
  • Address student loan forgiveness options 
  • Reform qualifications of independent student classification for college financial aid
  • Allow more flexibility for parental decision on auxiliary services
  • Promote skill trade certification for every high school graduate


Promote Small Business Growth
  • Increase R&D Investment in new technologies that grow underserved communities
  • Modify the classification for identifying micro small businesses
  • Support the reform & innovation of financial services 
  • Promote more pathways to entrepreneurship programs
  • Support more favorable policies & resources for the sustainability of smaller farmers


Access to Great Healthcare
  • Increase citizen engagement in addressing healthcare policy options
  • Explore alternative models that ensure high quality healthcare
  • Support making waivers permanent to better deliver healthcare 
  • Support measures to untie healthcare employment
  • Support expansion of telehealth
  • Advocate for reduction of food deserts


Housing & Government Efficiency
  • Support pathways to homeownership
  • Promote tax savings accounts for down payment assistance
  • Ensure fairness for renters in living conditions and rental payments
  • Increase calibration between federal, state and local agencies
  • Increase citizen engagement in multi-agency planning and implementation


Fair and Robust Justice system
  • Enhance programs to reduce recidivism, incentivizing employers 
  • Emphasize rehabilitation in the justice system through intervention, job training, and therapy
  • Reform mandatory minimums, emphasize equal sentencing
  • Explore cost effective alternatives to addressing low level drug offenses and decriminalize marijuana
  • Ensure the restoration of the right to vote for ex-felons
  • Address the blatant systemic racism in the justice system
  • Support increase in mental and substance abuse treatment programs
  • Support programs for children of incarcerated parents
  • Support more community members appointed to Community Supervision Board with voting privileges


Modernize Immigration Process
  • Create a path to citizenship for current undocumented & documented immigrants living in America
  • Update student and employer visa programs
  • Push for a safer, easier path for asylum seekers
  • Support instate tuition for DACA students
  • Support alternative and humane border security protocols 


Foster Global Stewardship
  • Push for better fair trade deals with nations
  • Promote more international relations which share common goals
  • Sanction or limit interaction and cooperation with nations that continually abuse and violate human rights 


Address Environmental Concerns
  • Introduce a smooth economic transition process to curb the use of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases to adequately address the climate crisis
  • Ramp up engagement in investment in carbon neutral efforts 
  • Promote more community sustainable efforts like recycling, solar power, and other renewable energies