Education Town Hall Meeting at Clayton State University

On January 9, 2015 Representative Stovall discussed House Bill 614, also known as the “Landon Dunson Act”, at the Education Town Hall gathering. The bill introduces a voluntary pilot program to install video cameras in classrooms with special-needs students, specifically in self-contained classrooms, and is modeled after similar legislation that passed in Texas. La La Dunson, mother of Landon Dunson, and her two daughters were present for the event to support the bill. Mrs. Dunson posed questions and concerns along with other parents, constituents, business owners, and state leaders, all of which were addressed by Rep. Stovall during the gathering. Chief Justice Steve Teske of Clayton County Juvenile Justice system and Chief Clarence Cox from Clayton County Public Schools also supported the bill and shared a wealth of information on how it could increase the safety of all students in any classroom if implemented, protect the reputation and credibility of our teachers, decrease the juvenile crime rates within the community, and increase high school graduation rates. Kenyette Barnes, Lobbyist for HB 614, also attended the meeting and shares a personal connection to this bill as a parent of a special-needs student herself.