Impact of Fuel Tax Exemption on Clayton County

The impact of the Fuel Tax exemption on Clayton County is major if alternative funding sources for sales tax are not found. At the center of it all is the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Fuel Tax Ruling which only permits the collection of jet fuel taxes by local governments if it is spent where it is collected at the airport. The quandary is Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport sits 80% in Clayton County, but it is owned and operated by the City of Atlanta. This is an unique situation. There are other airports which will be affected as well. There are various viewpoints of whether Clayton County should be allowed to collect the jet fuel tax along with tax on property being used by private businesses. The community of Clayton were encouraged to share their thoughts with the elected body at the Capitol and with Delta and the other airlines. Students, parents, CCPS faculty & staff, local elected officials, community members, and friends converged on the Capitol the week of Feb. 12th to show their opposition of HB 821. As of February 14th, Governor Deal has assured Clayton County residents and businesses that the county will be made whole if this tax exemption is approved.

CCPS Babb Capitol 2-12-18pic